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As Online experts from the Weinviertel region, we stand for sophisticated websites, functional webshops and digital marketing solutions for your company in the district of korneuburg. Our customers are digitally successful small and medium-sized companies. 

we understand our core competence in the creation of websites and webshops. performant, error-free, technically flawless. we do not master all the following topics ourselves, but we organize a smooth cooperation of all parties involved in our network and thus guarantee the overall success.

digital topics we deal with:

websites - webdesign

Creative, responsive, converting, Wordpress, fast, error-free

content - marketing

Page texts, blogs, strategy, keyword research, editing, copywriting

newsletter - marketing

(responsive) newsletter design, crm, mailer-lite, DRIP, campaigns, planning, editing

inbound marketing

Attract (be found), convert, inspire, sell


search engine optimization, planning, keyword research, ranking monitoring


search engine advertising, , Adwords planning, campaigns, performance, google, facebook


local presence, google mybusiness, company directories

social - media - marketing

facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Xing, LinkedIn, tic-toc, snap-chat, whats-app

affiliate - marketing

Strategy, calculation, selection, onboarding, support, supervision

hosting and maintenance

Fast, faster, premium, safe, technically perfect,

employees - marketing

Employer brand, attractiveness, team, future, campaigns, employer branding

photography and videography

natural, authentic, original, selection, editing

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heinrich taitl


I like to look at the overall situation of a company and am always on the lookout for pragmatic solutions to achieve the agreed goals for our small and medium-sized clients.

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webdesign in the district of korneuburg

Digital Now as your specialists for web design, online stores and SEO. We are happy to work for you in all locations in the district of Korneuburg:

  • bisamberg
  • enzersdorf
  • ernstbrunn
  • gerasdorf near vienna
  • bigmugl
  • Großrußbach
  • hagenbrunn
  • harmannsdorf
  • house management
  • korneuburg
  • langenzersdorf
  • leitzersdorf
  • leobendorf
  • niederhollabrunn
  • rußbach
  • sierndorf
  • spill
  • stetteldorf am wagram
  • stetten
  • stockerau

other districts in the weinviertel and of course vienna:


An important issue is the selection of to you and your business the right digital agency. sympathy, trust, agreement on objectives, etc. are essential factors for successful collaboration. however, technical expertise is also required in order to implement technically perfect solutions in today's wide range of digital possibilities.

we recommend our blog post on choosing an agency: 3 simple checks to recognize a good digital agency.

to give you a good impression of the digital presence of all agencies in the district of korneuburg, we have listed the main advertising agencies with a focus on digital services below:

digital now gmbh2223hohenruppersdorfsonnenweg 6+43 660 1805299taitl@digital-now.com

contact us:

if you would like to contact us, we would be happy to see if we are a good match.