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expert web design & development services

First and foremost, we see ourselves as partner to your "digital" goals This is why there is no fixed list of services. we are guided by specific goals and the resulting tasks.

every client has unique needs, so you won’t find a fixed list of services here – instead, we adapt to meet your demands and carve out your individual path to success.

we design and build high-end websites that deliver unmatched results.

ultra-fast, high-functioning, and visually appealing, you’ll be able to capture and engage your audience with a sophisticated website that offers a flawless user experience.

we don’t just build any run-of-the-mill online store.

we develop cutting-edge web stores powered by woocommerce that make online shopping a breeze for your customers.

simply tell us about your goals, and we’ll create the solutions to achieve them.

accessibility is a key part of what we do. when developing your website, we make it accessible for everyone, regardless of abilities.

as one of the few experts certified in austria, we’re compliant with the criteria of the accessibility act, so you can rely on us to get it right.

your website isn’t a one-and-done project. it needs constant attention and care to ensure it continues to perform its best and is actively helping you reach your goals.

hosting with internex.atleading austrian hosting company, we ensure the highest standards of security and data protection compliance for our clients across the board.

we monitor constantly, update regularly and are there (almost) 24/7 to prevent or resolve any potential issues before they turn into disasters.

a successful site lives with regular new content, new products, updates and much more. 
regular technical monitoring is essential to ensure the same quality, performance and security as during production.

monitoring google search console - immediate completion of optimization instructions

monthly site audit with error correction

performance monitoring

check structured data (schema.org)

in terms of content:
more visitors, more customers are the goal. this requires regular new content. to avoid working into the blue, a content analysis of your site, but also of your competitors' sites, is a great help. possible questions to ask are:

which keywords are already working, which are not?

how do my keywords change in the ranking (+/-) ?

which are my top pages or directories ?

how are my backlinks developing ?

which are the top pages or top directories of my competitors ?

which content / keywords do my competitors use to attract visitors to their site ?

which backlinks do my competitors use to get traffic to their site ?

these are just some of the questions to which we regularly provide answers.

local seo is constantly changing. that’s why we ensure your website is infused with relevant keywords long after it’s gone live.

we go the extra mile in optimizing your website with monthly suggestions and actionable steps to drive traffic and enhance engagement.

which snippets (text in google search) work well, which don't, what should be changed ?

which meta-descriptions or image descriptions should be changed (and how) ?

which texts or product descriptions should be updated (and how) ?

whether you need to publish new content or refresh your existing content, you’ll know exactly the right steps to take on your growth journey, thanks to personalized, professional advice and solutions.



invest in your success

how much does a website or web store build cost with digital-now? what are the monthly costs?

well, that depends on the scope of your project and your ongoing needs.

a business website with all the trimmings can be delivered for somewhere in the range of €3,000 to approx. €6,000, while a webshop starts at approx. €6,000.

if you’re just after the basics of maintenance, then we’re talking a little over €100.00 per month.

find further details of our monthly maintenance plans here.

if you want to go all-in for ultimate results, you’ll be looking at a cost between € 1.000 and € 2.000 per month.

to meet and maintain our superior standards, we limit our services to exactly 25 companies so you can feel confident in your investment.

we take on subsidy support too