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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is TKP?

CPM is the abbreviation for thousand-contact price. This is a key figure that is relevant for calculating advertising costs. The key figure shows how many users have to pay for a campaign so that 1,000 readers see the ad.

What does CPM mean for SEO?

The CPM value has no particular significance for SEO. This key figure belongs more in the area of marketing. However, SEO also benefits from appropriate advertising measures. The reach of a website is significantly increased by advertisements. This helps to make the brand better known.

However, it is important that the expenditure for the marketing measures is also worth it. For this reason, the website should be optimized before a campaign is launched. The marketing measure is only successful if a website is designed in an interesting way and leads to the target (ideally a booking or order). The advertising costs are quickly recouped.

The website also benefits indirectly from the ads booked. After all, the website becomes better known. There is more traffic and, with good and high-quality content, a long dwell time. Google likes to see this and may reward it with a better ranking. If a high click-through rate is achieved through the measures, but there is a high bounce rate, this is a negative sign. Booked ads and SEO measures are to a certain extent dependent on each other in order to be successful.