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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is targeting?

Targeting is the term used to describe the display of advertising on a website that is only shown to certain target groups.

What is the importance of targeting for SEO?

Content must always be prepared and optimized for a specific target group. This is why targeting is also very important for SEO specialists. Effective targeting usually also increases the CTR value. The bounce rate, on the other hand, is reduced. CTR and bounce rate are two important factors for the various search engines and have an impact on the ranking of a website. As these two values are relevant for search engine rankings, targeting is essential for sustainable SEO measures. Keyword research is one of the targeting methods.

After keyword research, SEOs have the task of adapting the content of a page and optimizing it for keywords. This also includes a good content structure and high-quality links.

Are there limits to targeting?

Targeting methods are very helpful in terms of targeting. However, users may also feel disturbed by such advertisements. SEOs need to find a good balance. Advertising measures could be intrusive and achieve the opposite of the actual goal. The effect would be that users leave the website because of the advertisements. If the bounce rate of users is too high, this is seen as a negative signal by search engines, meaning that the page may lose rankings.