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short-tail keywords

seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What are short-tail keywords?

A short tail is a search phrase consisting of one or two words. These keywords have a high search volume and are highly competitive. The resulting search results for short-tail keywords are less specific. Short-tails are rarely used by users in search engines. Long-tail keywords are mainly used.

What significance do short-tail keys have for SEO?

Short-tail keywords are relevant in terms of search engine optimization. However, search engine optimizers have to think carefully and find solutions to ensure that a website with highly competitive keywords with a high search volume ranks well. Another factor is that generic keywords are associated with high bounce rates. If a user is looking for a car locksmith in Munich, they are likely to enter exactly that in the search engines. No user would only enter locksmith. Companies of this type would be displayed, but whether these providers are from Munich is questionable.

Nevertheless, shorttails can be interesting and important for companies and online stores. It depends on the respective project how useful it is to optimize for generic search phrases.

It is also possible to additionally optimize for long-tail keywords. This combination makes it possible to achieve more traffic and a longer dwell time. Shorttails also benefit in terms of ranking if websites with longtail terms perform well in the search results lists.