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What is a search engine placement?

Search engine placement is also known as ranking or search engine ranking. It is the position of a website that appears in the search engine results following a search query.

What does search engine placement mean for SEO?

It is quite clear that the focus is on ranking in the area of search engine optimization. Every website operator aims to be at the top of the search engine rankings. This is the only way for a website to be successful. A search engine ranking in the top positions means:

  • more traffic
  • more potential customers
  • More success with the company

Search engine optimizers take on the task of optimizing websites so that they land in the top positions in the search results lists.

Which ranking factors have a positive influence on search engine rankings?

Thanks to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, a number of ranking factors are known that have a significant positive effect on search engine rankings. The following factors are relevant for SEO optimizers:

  • clearly structured pages
  • Subpages must all be findable and accessible
  • Sitemap with links are useful
  • Do not exaggerate with links
  • Create content with lots of added value
  • Use relevant search terms
  • Avoid and remove incorrect links
  • Use visual elements to loosen up

All these factors, if implemented well, usually have a positive effect on the ranking. However, there are also some things that have a negative impact on search engine rankings. These include:

  • Use of JavaScript, which results in less readability
  • Long loading times lead to dissatisfaction and reader abandonment
  • Methods to bypass the algorithm

To achieve a good ranking, a website must be properly scannable. If indexing is made more difficult by elements, this is very likely to have a negative effect. It is therefore important to stick to the positive ranking factors and implement them for a good search engine ranking.

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