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keyword stuffing

seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is the stuffing of websites with certain keywords. Google classifies the accumulation of keywords as an unauthorized SEO technique.

What does keyword stuffing mean for SEO?

Everyone wants their website to climb to rank 1 in the search engines. To achieve this, some website operators resort to keyword stuffing. This involves using certain search terms frequently in the text and metadata. This method increases keyword relevance. However, the high keyword density is seen as a spam measure by search engines. As a result, the website will be devalued, ranked lower or even completely removed from the index.

Nowadays, good search engine optimizers rely on other factors to make the site more visible. An important ranking criterion is the semantic context of the content of the web project. Good and relevant content is important. An optimal structure of the website is also crucial. The use of visual elements also contributes to greater success.

A WDF IDF tool is also often used to avoid keyword stuffing. The term weighting is used to determine how relevant a text is. Google takes into account relevant terms for a search query that are used by the top-ranked URLs. The frequency of certain terms is not the top priority with this variant.