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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is HTML code?

HTML code is a markup language, also known as HTML for short. It is used to structure a website with images, hyperlinks and other elements. The HTML documents are converted and displayed by the browsers.

What significance does the HTML code have for SEO?

HTML code is an important element in on-page optimization. It is important for search engine robots that the code is easy to read, error-free and lean. Indexing works much better if the code is as lean as possible. Content and design should therefore preferably appear separately. Graphical paragraphs can be outsourced to a CSS file. However, frames should be avoided as they can make inclusion in the index more difficult.

How is HTML code generated?

You can easily write the HTML code in any text editor. There are no special features to be observed when creating it. Tags are used repeatedly in the HTML code. This is a typical element used to create a hierarchical structure. The tags include the head tag, body tag and title tag. Search engine optimizers must test all scripts to ensure that they are actually loaded. If an error occurs here, it may have a negative effect on the search engine ranking.