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What is Content Score?

The term content score is an important key figure that is used by Google to evaluate the texts on a website. The relevance of the content is highlighted and the website is evaluated by the search engine. High-quality and user-oriented content prevails and is rewarded with a better ranking.

What does Content Score mean for SEO?

Optimized content is essential for a website to rank well in search results lists. In the area of SEO, the task is now to see whether and what optimization potential is available. Google rates various factors positively. These include

  • Relevant and interesting content
  • Integration of graphics, videos and images
  • well-structured content

If users stay longer on a website and interact with it (such as clicking on other pages of the homepage), it signals to the search engine that the page must be filled with relevant content. However, if users bounce quickly, Google considers this to be negative. This is also noticeable in the ranking.

Regular maintenance of the website content plays an important role in the content score. The more emphasis is placed on topicality and news, the better it is for the webmaster. Of course, Google learns quickly, so there can always be changes. SEOs must always be up to date in order to keep track of the criteria for a good content score.