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6 tips for creating good content


how to create good content from digital now marketing

Content marketing has been around for ages, but it is now considered the most important factor for the success of a company on the Internet. The competition for attention is getting fiercer and to be successful now, it is a must to provide good content that is relevant to the reader.
But what is good content?

Content comes in a variety of forms. It can be a social media post, blog post, website or any other type of article. But good content has the ability to attract and engage your target audience. It can do this by solving a problem, answering a question or offering an in-depth view on a particular topic.

Why is good content important?

As already mentioned, the best way to get noticed on the Internet is to create high-quality content. The problem today is to stand out from the competition.

Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, good content is important:

  • It gives you the opportunity to present your product in detail.
  • It generates organic traffic and brings more people to your website.
  • It gives you the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with the customer.
  • Good content saves you time by answering problems the customer may have.
  • Good content will lead your customers to your landing page and turn readers into buyers.

How do you write "good" content?
In addition to good writing skills, a content writer should have knowledge in related areas such as SEO and marketing. An understanding of the target group and their problems and needs is also necessary. Another key element is a deep understanding of the product you are offering.
Below we have compiled a list of 6 questions that you should answer before you start writing content:

1: What is your target group?

Demographics and psychographics are important: spending time and money to reach people who aren't interested in your product is a bad business plan.
At first it may sound like a good idea to cast a large, wide net, but being more specific will increase conversions on your site, which will ultimately lead to more sales. Define your target audience specifically using the following tables:

Demographics: Who are you targeting?


Psychography: What are their needs?


2: What are your goals and expectations?

To get ahead in content marketing, you need to be able to measure things. Set goals or at least expectations of what results the content you create will lead to.
Do you want to increase traffic to your website, increase the length of stay, reduce the bounce rate or increase the conversion rate? You can define any type of goal, but define them and monitor the results achieved.

3: What is your value proposition?

You have goals and every new visitor should contribute to achieving them.
But first there are the questions:
- What do you bring to the table?
- What's in it for your site visitor?
Only when you have good answers to these questions will you be able to accompany your visitors on their journey from prospect to customer.

4: What makes you stand out?

This often goes hand in hand with the previous point. Especially due to the high level of competition on the Internet, your customers are only one click away from your competitor's website, you need to convince them. Your potential customers should stay on your site and not move on to the next article.

5: How will you promote your contribution?

You should think about promoting your post even before you start writing it. The aim is to attract new customers and reactivate existing ones.
If nobody reads your post, you will achieve nothing.

Here are some ways you can get attention for your new posts:

  • Social media - publish your new post multiple times on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media platform you use.
  • E-mail list. Here you have the opportunity to work directly, specifically and with many links. Use your email list, it is one of your best tools to reach your customers and potential customers.
  • Invest in SEO - the most sustainable way to attract new customers and increase sales is to ensure that you generate high organic traffic. Find out about the essential tasks of SEO and make sure they are done.
  • Digital marketing - Invest in a digital marketing campaign to support your blog and your brand - especially at the beginning of your internet activities, a good marketing campaign ensures the necessary visitors.

6: How do you track progress?

If you have followed us so far, more people will visit your site.
Analyze these visitors with google analytics because there is a lot to find out. Determine which metrics are relevant in your field and use them as reference points to develop and expand your future blog posts.

Bonus tip: Before writing, define the advantages of your product or service and how your customer will benefit from it. This will always give you ideas for new articles and, above all, will remind you why you believe in your product. Your confidence in what you do is reflected in your writing and is passed on to the reader.

Ask these 6 questions every time you have an idea and are ready to write.

If you need support, we are ready and waiting.

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Heinrich Taitl

my name is heinrich taitl. as an expert in accessible digital marketing with over 35 years of self-employment, i have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and needs of companies. i always look at the overall situation of a company and use pragmatic solutions to achieve the agreed goals of our small and medium-sized customers.

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