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vector space

seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is a vector space?

A vector space is always made up of individual data points. Vectors are represented via these data points. The angles between the individual vectors can be used to represent relationships between the data points. The greater the angle, the more the similarity decreases. If the angle is small, the data points are similar. As Google uses Word2Vec methods to determine relationships and similarities, the range is important.

What does the vector space mean for SEO?

Semantic relationships are becoming increasingly important for placement in the search results list. The vector space and vector space analysis can be used to map the various relationships between data points. Search queries and documents are represented in a vector space. A relationship between the search queries and the documents is therefore shown.

SEOs can use vector space analysis to find out how well search queries and documents relate to each other. If the angle is too large, it would be important to optimize the website. The smaller the angle between search query and document, the better it is for the website. After all, the chance of a better ranking increases. If you optimize the page well and analyse it again and again, you will see that the page is now displayed with a smaller angle to the search query after the optimization measures in the vector space.