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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

Universal search means "universal search". In the field of search engine optimization, this refers to the provision of additional information such as images and maps that are displayed in the search results lists in addition to the organic search.

What significance does Universal Search have for SEO?

The integration of certain elements can have a positive effect on search engine rankings. By integrating the elements, it is possible to achieve a higher click rate and therefore more traffic. Of course, whether images and other elements are clicked on also depends heavily on the user's intention.

In general, the aim is to provide users with relevant information quickly and without detours. This is why such universal search elements are very useful. Maps can be used to display directions with just one click. Images provide an overview of the company and its services or products. If the elements are displayed directly in the SERPs, users are spared the need to click on the website.

What belongs to the Universal Search integrations?

For SEOs, there are some universal search elements that are particularly interesting and relevant. These include videos and images. However, maps, news and shopping listing ads are also very practical and should not be forgotten in SEO measures.