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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is the range?

In marketing, reach refers to the number of people who are addressed and reached by a specific marketing campaign. The correct term would be media reach, as the term reach is also used in many other areas. The term is used by a wide variety of media (traditional and online). The ways of measuring reach vary and depend on the medium used.

What significance does reach have for SEO?

Reach is very important for SEO. After all, webmasters and SEO specialists want to know how successful a campaign was and what reach was achieved. Further campaigns can then be built on this, contributing to even more success.

In contrast to traditional media, it is much easier to determine reach in online marketing. After all, there are various tools that provide evaluation options. Thanks to these tools, it is possible to see how long users spend on a page and whether they perform an action.

Reach is also an important indicator for social media marketing measures. The more users are reached, the better it is for the website. If a user likes a post, they are likely to like it. Friends of the liking user may also like the post and also like it. In this way, a large number of users can be reached who ultimately become aware of the website and the company with its offer.