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long tail keywords

seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What are long tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are also referred to as long-tail. These are search queries that are longer and more complex than short-tail keywords. They are used less frequently, as experience has shown that they have less traffic. However, it is easier to rank with such a keyword combination.

What significance do long tail keywords have for SEO?

In principle, long tail keywords are an important factor in SEO. Each website is optimized separately for search engine rankings. For example, subpages can be optimized for long tails so that they rank with the desired keyword combination. Search engine optimizers can make a lasting contribution to greater success through such optimization, as the competition is much lower.

Good SEO specialists focus on covering the website topic as broadly as possible. In practice, there are countless possible combinations with long-tail keywords. Broad coverage means that many different long-tail search queries are answered, so that a good ranking is possible.

When are longtails a good idea?

New websites are preferably optimized for long tail keywords. This should result in a fast and good ranking in the search engines. With a long-tail keyword, it is possible, among other things, to create a regional reference so that users can find providers in the area. Well-optimized websites with longtails offer unimagined possibilities in terms of search engine placement.