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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is a file size?

The file size is the size of the files provided. File size is particularly important on the Internet. HTML files that are too large take a long time to load, which has a negative impact on the ranking in the SERPs. Files with a small number of images and scripts load much faster. With a fast DSL line, this is certainly not a problem. However, many users use mobile devices with data volumes. In most cases, the internet speed is lower and it also sucks up the data volume.

What significance does file size have for SEO?

Search engine optimizers should always think about the file size. If the files are too large and take too long to load, this quickly leads to a high bounce rate. This has a negative effect on the positioning in the search results lists. A small file size is also an advantage due to the large number of mobile users.

If you want to keep your users on the site for a long time, you should definitely pay attention to small file sizes. Part of performance optimization is creating the shortest possible loading time. As loading time is an important ranking factor, search engine optimizers cannot avoid this issue. Images are often decisive for a long loading time. It therefore makes sense to create and upload images with a low resolution in advance. Browsers can only display images with up to 72 dpi in good quality anyway. Although it is also possible to reduce the size of images using width and height attributes, the original is still accessed when loading.