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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is Direct Type-in?

Direct type-in means "direct typing". This process is used when a user has accidentally typed a URL directly into the browser bar and this page exists.

What is the importance of direct type-in for SEO?

The term direct type-in is related to the use of so-called keyword domains. Such keyword domains achieved a good ranking in the search results lists and were therefore of great importance for search engine optimization. However, Google no longer considered keyword domains to be relevant for the SERPs. Nevertheless, direct type-ins are still important in the field of SEO today.

Pages are often operated in parallel. If users come to the keyword domain via a direct type-in, they can be directed straight to the company's actual main page. This option gives companies the chance to drive traffic to the main page via direct type-in. However, it is no longer so easy to obtain domains of this type. Such websites have a high sales potential, which the domain sellers take advantage of. High prices are demanded for such sites. However, anyone who obtains such a domain at good conditions can subsequently benefit from enormous traffic and more turnover through direct type-ins.