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seo glossary from digital now gmbh

What is CPM?

CPM is a model for billing advertising costs. The abbreviation stands for cost-per-mille. It can be equated with the abbreviation CPM (thousand contact price). In this variant, the advertising costs are billed per thousand impressions. CPM is a key figure that measures the profitability of an advertising medium and enables a cost comparison.

What does the CPM value mean for SEO?

The CPM value is less relevant for SEO. In the area of online marketing, however, the situation is different. Thanks to the value, online marketers can compare advertising costs on different portals. It is important to place advertisements on good portals. This has an effect on the reach of the website, which is relevant for SEO.

In order to reach many visitors and, above all, to keep them on the site for a long time and encourage them to return, it is the task of the search engine optimizer to optimally design the page content and ensure high-quality links. If a page is well optimized so that it also keeps visitors who reach the website through advertisements and clicks for a long time, this point has a positive effect. Google recognizes that a website is interesting for users if the bounce rate is very low. This shows that the content is relevant for users. Ultimately, this can be rewarded with a better ranking.